How to help your dog avoid joint pain

How to help your dog avoid joint pain

Keep your dog warm 

If your dog has been diagnosed with a joint condition like arthritis, it’s important to keep them warm, but not too hot. Draughty and damp conditions can aggravate joint pain so make sure your dog always has a cosy place to rest and sleep. A suitable dog bed is also a must: memory foam or orthopaedic dog beds can provide excellent support and comfort for dogs with aching joints. 


Protect against slips and falls

Skidding around on slippy floors or unsecured rugs can be very dangerous for dogs with stiff or painful joints. Not only can it cause pain and discomfort, it can make them feel nervous about being active. The solution is simple: on uncarpeted floors, lay well-secured carpet runners or rugs in the most commonly used areas, or fit a hard-wearing carpet. 


Make food and water easy to locate

When a dog’s mobility is impaired, their food and water must be kept in a convenient place to avoid the very real risk of dehydration. Elevated bowls can also make things more comfortable for dogs with spine or neck pain – about 10-15cm (4-6 inches) below the top of their shoulder is the correct height for the bowl.


Use ramps to go further afield

Joint pain often causes mobility issues – so your dog may find it harder to get upstairs, climb into the car or reach their favourite spot on the sofa. A ramp is an easy and portable solution. Some dogs might take a little time to feel comfortable about using a ramp, but most will get used to it pretty quickly. A few healthy treats can help tempt them up the slope.