Our Pet Promise: Understanding JOINTSURE’s Safety Standards

Our Pet Promise: Understanding JOINTSURE’s Safety Standards

Our furry companions are such huge parts of our families. Which is why it’s so important to commit the same time and effort into their health, as we do for our own. 

We get a lot of questions on the safety of our supplements—and we love that. It’s essential to know that whatever you’re adding to your dog’s diet, it’s safe for them and their specific needs. 

In this article we’ll cover our rigorous commitment to the highest quality standards and product testing, so hopefully you’ll feel reassured that with us, you’re in a safe pair of paws. 


JOINTSURE is a 7 ingredient, multi-action supplement, specially formulated to help support canine joint health. 

Designed by experts and based on the latest veterinary research into canine joint health and nutrition, JOINTSURE works to support supple, mobile joints and reduce any joint inflammation and osteoarthritis symptoms. 

JOINTSURE is available in two slightly different formulas. Original is perfect for older dogs and those that are done growing, whilst Young + Active supports puppies and younger adult dogs and canine athletes. 

Our commitment to safety standards

In our view, the safety standards of pet supplements should be no different to the safety standards for human supplements. Which is why we make it our priority to adhere to the highest possible quality assurances. 

Here are our four pet wellbeing pillars that make sure we’re supplying the purest and safest possible supplements for our furry friends. 

Research-based formulas

All of our formulas are developed using the latest available scientific research into canine health. We go the extra mile by making sure all of our ingredients are working together for maximum absorption and effect. 

Premium quality ingredients 

The safety of our ingredients is paramount to us, which is why each of them are selected not only on their scientific efficacy and impact, but also on their safety profile. We use natural occurring ingredients and compounds, free from any toxins or chemical extraction processes. 

Rigorous safety and purity

All of our products are manufactured in our UK facility, based in Cardiff. We hold a Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certification, which ensures our processes are in line with industry standards. We also hold an internationally recognised ISO 9001 certification, which ensures that the quality and consistency of our products and services are second to none. 

Collaboration with Veterinarians

We work closely with veterinary professionals and researchers to ensure that our products align with the current best practices in veterinary medicine. This is paramount to us, and the foundation of our brand as a trusted supplement solution for our beloved pets.

Customer feedback and transparency

For over 30 years, we’ve been trusted by breeders and vets as one of the most effective dog joint supplement providers. But we wouldn’t be anywhere without our amazing community of pet parents. 

We’re committed to always providing the best possible products and services, which is why we regularly ask our customers (and their doggos) for feedback. 

We want you to feel secure in the science behind our supplements, and believe that fostering transparency with our community is essential. 

So, if you’ve got any questions on any of the above, or any feedback for our team—drop us a message at support@vetwellscientific.co.uk